• Oss Library, lending desk
  • Oss Library, overview without any customers
  • Oss Library, magazine department
  • Oss Library, magazine and leaflet display
  • Oss Library, book display unit at stairs invites customers to take a look upstairs
  • Oss Library, information desk
  • Oss Library, magazine department with book display

Oss Library

The Netherlands, 1995. Bibliotheek Oss. One of the first Dutch libraries to transform its interior, back in those early days.


One of the first Dutch libraries to throw off grey its shell in a huge modernization process.


Create a new look & feel that reflects the renewal of content into its interior design. Focus on book display.


Densify bookcases in order to make room for display and gathering. Emphasize library treasures such as magazines and reading space. Create a warm, welcome and high-end atmosphere that will uplift the entire library.


A stylish library, very different from its grayish predecessor. Lots of spaces for display articulate the library’s new features. The library that show’s off there’s a lot that’s worth to discover.

Did you know?

This library was the first ever to lend dvd’s, and it has played a leading role in chancing loaning conditions to make the distribution and lending of non traditional media possible. Its modernized interior reflects this prominent role.

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