• Shake Container, a trendy lifestyle accessory
  • Shake Container, a family to suit your shaking needs
  • Shake Container, modularity included

A01 Shake Container

The Netherlands, 2012. Shake Beker. Shake container lifestyle gadget to boost the use of food supplements.


Food supplement supplier provides only un-cool shake containers, thus derogating its contemporary status of life improver. Can this be done better?


Create a high-end sophisticated shake container that reflects the issues of modern life and fits perfectly in a modern business environment.


Introduction of separate containers made of insulated aluminium add various possibilities to the ‘out of home shake experience’.


Contemporary lifestyle product that boosts the image of the food supplement supplier.

Did you know?

We are considering producing this container, once we’ve received enough positive fuzz. What d’you think, should we kickstart this?

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